Certificate Operations Research (3): Theory

Operations Research (3): Theory
National Taiwan University

What a long journey, but totally worth it! The theory taught in this course is critical, beautiful, powerful. Whatever fields or industry you are in, statistics, machine learning, economics, logistics, etc. This course definitely will help you consolidate the foundation for all skills you need to be professional.

Linear programming, integer programming, nonlinear programming, duality, sensitivity analysis, max network flow, convex analysis, Lagrangian, the KKT condition… Even though there are tons of stuff in this course, it is for sure that this course only unveils the most basic part the Operations Research.

I personally like the videos on how Operations Research theories are used to build models for linear regression and Support Vector Machine classification. I believe many of people use these models daily, but not many of them know what is inside, and why the models are so wonderful. The elaboration in the course are amazing! Professor helps me build the big picture, and even see farther.

“Operations Research is a belief.” I enjoy this course very much.

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Certificate Operations Research (3): Theory
Operations Research (3): Theory

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