Top Universities

What I learn speaks volumes about myself. Check out my favorite universities in Google Maps. Their courses and knowledge make my life journey wonderful.

Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute Artificial intelligence AWS Blockchain Business Business Intelligence C++ California Institute of the Arts Cloud Columbia University Computer Science Coursera Cryptography Data Science Discrete Optimization Duke University Economics Excel Finance General Generative AI Golang Goldsmiths University of London Google Higher School of Economics IBM Imperial College London INSEAD Johns Hopkins University Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Kubernetes Law Lund University Machine Learning Master of Applied Data Science Master of Business Administration Master of Science in Accountancy Mathematics MathWorks Matlab McMaster University Microsoft MiniZinc National Taiwan University Northwestern University Physics Politecnico di Milano Project Python Quantum Computing Queen Mary University of London Quick Recap Red Hat Rice University Rust Saint Petersburg State University Six Sigma Specialization Stanford University Statistics TensorFlow The Chinese University of Hong Kong The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology The University of Chicago The University of Edinburgh The University of Melbourne UC Davis UC Irvine UC San Diego Universities University College London University of Alberta University of Amsterdam University of Colorado Boulder University of Colorado System University of Geneva University of Glasgow University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of London University of Maryland College Park University of Michigan University of Minnesota University of Pennsylvania University of Toronto University System of Georgia Universitร  Bocconi Vanderbilt University Web with Honors Yale Univeristy Yellow Belt

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