Certificate Containerized Applications on AWS

Containerized Applications on AWS

In the past few years, I have been working on the Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) platform, unfortunately this course does not cover ROSA. But the course introduces a lot important container basics and services like ECS, EKS, Lambda, App Mesh, etc. This broadens my horizon and complements my skills.

This course is fast-paced. Somehow, you might consider this course as advertisements of products and services offered by AWS with enormous technical details. You still need to learn from practice. It takes time to attain proficiency.

The course starts with explaining what containers are, and why they are better than virtual machines in some applications. Docker is a nice place to get hands dirty. You will build a container image, save it in a register, then ran it in plenty of services offered by AWS. Here I am a little surprised that container is so pervasive.

Single container won’t do much for you. Containers reveal their power when they get together and orchestrate. The concept of microservice is the fundamental, the multi-container deployments make it real using Docker Compose or various container orchestration platforms.

Remaining of the course focuses on the orchestration platforms: ECS, Kubernetes / EKS, etc. The literature here is valuable, you will learn a lot simply by just watching video. However I still have to reiterate that it is really important to learn by practice: do what you have learned in real AWS environment.

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Certificate Containerized Applications on AWS
Containerized Applications on AWS

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