Certificate American Contract Law I

American Contract Law I
Yale University

We all enter contracts every day, contracting is never something only happens between firms or merchants, it is all over the place. When you order food at a restaurant, when you click Accept button on a website, when you make a promise, … probably your next act or utterance will make you legally bound. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Concepts and rules are boring, I believe few of us like them and memorize them. This is course amazing because the course teaches you the cases. They are real and vivid, the reasoning behind the verdict is vital. You will understand the rules better, once you comprehend the logic behind the scene.

The course spent most of the time on the manifestation of contracts: concept of consideration, mutual assent, offer, and acceptance. You may also find, through the entire course, promise and promissory estoppel play important roles, and become critical sometimes when reaching to a particular decision.

Bearing the idea that there are no perfect contracts, dealing with indefinite and vague terms is another aspect that make me understand contract law better. At the end of the course, the focus on the pre-contractual liability not only sheds more light on the path of learning contract law, but also inspire how contract law will affect our society.

I highly recommend this course to everyone.

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Certificate American Contract Law I
American Contract Law I

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