Certificate DevOps DataOps MLOps

DevOps, DataOps, MLOps
Duke University

If you are kinda fed up with training models and would like to try some new perspectives and build some new skills, MLOps is a very good point to start with. I personal felt like falling down to a rabbit hole when I took this course. Nowadays, the ecosystem for develop and deploy AI solutions is fascinating.

Even though you are working on a laptop, it is critical to bear in mind that everything is cloud-oriented. So many APIs, services, tools are collaborating. It is all about automation of the collaboration. All the effort is to make the automation better.

The course contains many hands-on sharing videos, some of them are lengthy. I actually think they are very useful for those who just started MLOps career. You can follow the video step by step. These videos covered lots of things, Github and Copilot, Hugging Face, Function and Container services on 3 major cloud provider: AWS, GCP and Azure, …

The final part of the course is about the programming language Rust. To be honest, I’ve heard of it, known that it has many advantages over Python, but I’ve never used it in my daily routine, and probably I will have a chance to give it a try in the future. It will be one more reason that I will revisit this course later. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Certificate DevOps DataOps MLOps
DevOps, DataOps, MLOps

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