Certificate Getting Started with Tensorflow 2

Getting started with TensorFlow 2
Imperial College London

Wow this is a wonderful course on Tensorflow! The professor and lecturers directly teach how to write code to complete certain tasks, piece-by-piece and step-by-step. Upon the moment of completing all programming assignments you would certainly gain Tensorflow skills and be confident in your next real job.

You’d better have some machine learning skills, because this course does not touch any mind blowing theoretical thingamajig. This course only focus on programming using Keras Sequential model to build feed-forward and convolutional neural networks, which is an effective starting point for the most. Then important aspects like validation, regularization, callbacks, saving / restoring models are covered, again I am afraid you need some background knowledge to fully understand the rationale why they are needed.

The final capstone project Multi-layer Perception vs. CNN will be a little challenging, because you need to do some research if you are unfamiliar with certain terms. You are free to design everything and build it from scratch. You’d better be fluent in Python and matplotlib, because you will spend sometime on data preparing and visualization.

If you are already an machine learning practitioner and would like to give Tensoflow a shot. Try this course.

My Certificate

Certificate Getting Started with Tensorflow 2
Getting started with TensorFlow 2

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