Certificate Logic for Economists

Logic for Economists
University of Amsterdam

The logo of University of Amsterdam is cool, so is this succinct course. In this course you only experience black board, white chalk and the hushed tone of the professor. No distraction, you just focus on the “logic”!

The course covers a few of the most basic concepts, they are so common that we take them for granted. You probably never paid attention to their formal definition or even heard of their formal names.

The first topic is Propositional Logic. If you could recall AND, OR, XOR operations of something TRUE or FALSE, nice! If you could recall the rules like ( (P โŸน Q) โˆง P ) โŸน Q , or (P โŸน Q) โŸบ (ยฌP โˆจ Q) . You are amazing!

The second topic is Predicate Logic. It most often comes along in the guise of set theory, and it is about the logic involving statements like โ€œfor allโ€ or โ€œthere existsโ€. Black swan is the most classic and timeless example, yes, you will hear the professor talks about black swan again.

The third is Functions and Graphs, and we are used to thinking about them intuitively as drawing curly lines on paper. No, lines in our heads or on the papers are visualizations. It is impressive to realize the graph is usually a subset of a Cartesian product.

The next topic is the numbers: natural, negative, integer, rational, real, complex, and their origins and purposes. Last not the least, the types of Proofs – some brief introduction on how you perform precise reasoning.

Instead of being a math course pertaining to logic, this course only lays a foundation of logic for further studying of economics. Good luck!

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Certificate Logic for Economists
Logic for Economists

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