Certificate Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics
University of Colorado Boulder

If you’re with mechanical or aerospace engineering backgrounds and looking for a course that presents an introduction to quantum mechanics, this course is right for you. The course covers the most fundamental concepts and plenty of stuff. I have to say the pace of this course is fast, you need to have solid background of math and physics to proceed.

The first part is about the structure of matter, postulates, Schrodinger wave equation. I can not agree more that these are very important. However don’t forget to check out the history, it is even more inspiring to explore how great scientists changed the world.

The second part uses ideal models called Hydrogenic atom and diatomic molecule to reveal the structure of matter. The lecture of translational, angular and radical motion of an atom is superb. When it comes to diatomic molecule, I like the part about rotational energy, vibrational energy and units conversion.

The final part is about the atoms and molecule in real world. It covers the spin-orbit coupling, the Pauli exclusion principle, multi-electron. At the moment when the course showed the Element Period Table, Aha! I suddenly realize where we are going. Quantum mechanics and chemistry are not two individual subjects anymore, the course help build the connection.

Unlike many other courses, there is only 1 quiz in this course. Easy-peasy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Certificate Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics

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