Certificate TCP/IP and Advanced Topics

TCP/IP and Advanced Topics
University of Colorado System

This course teaches the basics of TCP and IP protocols. First it focuses on IP packet, IP addressing, and subnetting technique. CIDR is something probably used everyday, but you might be not aware of its purpose that is to efficiently utilize IP address space. Then DHCP, NAT, ARP, they are all useful protocols, you need them often.

The second part of the course is the transport layer protocols including UDP and TCP. Particularly, the 3-way handshake procedure, flow control, and congestion control mechanisms are taught. In the last part, the course shed some light on Mobile IP, software-defined network, OpenFlow and some kinds of network security threats.

Overall, this is an entry level course. But it is truly helpful to lay a good foundation before you begin to learn modern cloud and build your cloud skills.

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Certificate TCP/IP and Advanced Topics
TCP/IP and Advanced Topics

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