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Certificate AI and Law

AI and Law
Lund University

This is a succinct but far-reaching course. It overviews how AI and legal system affect each other and how they actually exert influence on our daily life. The content is introductory and uncomplicated. It is easy to understand, and very good for the general public.

The lecture videos are short and nice. They are well-organized and falling into a few parts: Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Intellectual Property Law, Health Law, Labor Law and Competition Law. Some videos discussed a lot about how to use AI to model laws, how to use AI to predict legal outcomes and the use of AI in financial technology. It is also inspiring to learn the situation that AI being an employer and AI can help build cartel compromising competition.

From Wikipedia, it reads “Lund University is a prestigious university in Sweden and one of northern Europe’s oldest universities. The university … traces its roots back to 1425, …”. WOW! I am really looking forward to a visit to Sweden.

My Certificate

Certificate AI and Law
AI and Law

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