Certificate Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies

Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies
Universitร  Bocconi

Are you learning French or Italian as a foreign language? Certainly, everybody has their own reasons. To me, one of the reasons is fashion and luxury. Every time when I was in department stores, shopping malls or outlets, those shiny display windows catch my eyes. The handbags, clothes, leather goods are gorgeous, but other than that, I am more obsessed with the management of fashion and luxury companies. If you are new to the industry, and interested in how it works, this course will give a good insight.

The course begins with the discussion about what is fashion, luxury, trend and dream factor. Other than color, design, and price, it is more about impulse, desire, and tastes. Then the course focuses on the market segments and business model. You will gain in-depth understanding of luxury brands, premium brands, designer brands and mass market retailers.

Bearing the market in mind, next let’s touch the core: the management of product development, communication and retail. I personally think this is the most valuable part of the whole course. Stylistic identity makes an important role, but a successful communication strategy is even more critical.

The discussion about Masstige is inspiring. It demonstrates a way for mass market companies to escape the commodity trap, give the room for premiumization, and deliver more emotional value. I am also interested in the transmedia storytelling, it is a fascinating idea to unfold a story across multiple platforms. The last topic is the introduction to the retail management. It is actually more complicated than it appears to run and manage retail outlets’ day-to-day activities.

During the course, there are case-study of quite a few well known brands: history, anecdotes, identity and strategy. Very interesting.

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Certificate Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies
Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies

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