Certificate Introduction to Corporate Finance

Introduction to Corporate Finance
University of Pennsylvania

Corporate finance is complex. If there is a Big Bang Theory for it, I believe the “infinitely hot and dense single point” definitely will be “the time value of money”. This fantastic course, starting from this point, introduces all the basic concepts you need.

Inflation, interest rates, time structures, these are easy-peasy. Then almost half of the course focuses on Net Present Value and Free Cash Flow. Both are elaborated carefully. At this moment, I highly recommend that you simultaneously enroll and study some courses about accounting, banking system, and valuation of business. I found this multifaceted learning method is very inspiring, believe me, “Diamond cut is the number one reason why diamonds sparkle.”

In the last part of the course, it introduces decision criteria, sensitivity analysis and return of investment. They are actually the prologue of the further studying of the more advanced topics. Had you gained the key knowledge taught in this course, you are good to go. Let’s go places.

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Certificate Introduction to Corporate Finance
Introduction to Corporate Finance

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